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IKEA - Build A Better Future

Imagine coming home from a long day of work or school to a world of your own. An environment perfectly curated with all your favorite books perched on a beautiful shelf, art hanging neatly on the wall in a custom collage of frames, and a comfy couch with plush pillows to rest on as you binge-watch your favorite tv series. Now imagine having that dream space at an affordable price.

Furnishing your living space is the difference between a house and a home.

We asked Jessica, a federal employee and military spouse why she shops at Ikea, “Ikea offers affordable, well-designed furnishings with a contemporary design. Their selection of products fits my needs whether shopping for my outdoor patio or my child's bedroom. Ikea has something to offer every customer.” That’s the beauty of IKEA. Whether you are decorating your brand new apartment during your freshman year of college or you are in search of customizable furniture for your forever home, there is no better place to look than IKEA. IKEA’s products range from sturdy containers for organization to basic furniture to statement pieces. They even have easy-to-make grocery products.

Not only are their products diverse in style and affordable but IKEA has a clean initiative. IKEA has made leaps towards its 2030 sustainability goals by making small yet impactful changes. The company is making sustainable living more affordable, accessible, and attractive by their shifting its business model to a “circular” one. To be circular means that IKEA is creating its products from recycled materials intending to be reused, refurbished, and remanufactured.

IKEA also capitalizes on the DIY culture by offering foundational products that can be sanded, painted, personalized, and transformed into unique pieces. IKEA is phasing out unsustainable packaging, introducing more efficient and affordable LED lights, and rechargeable batteries. They also acknowledge that this new initiative must take steps to reconcile their past by setting out to find circular solutions for existing products as well. One of them is a buy-back program, where customers can sell their furniture back to Ikea so it can be rehomed at a discounted price. IKEA uses its international platform to promote creating a better home for both our physical dwelling and our planet. You can join the IKEA family with a free membership by going to IKEA - Let's Make Your Home Special

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